Become D.E.B.T. Free in Four Steps

How to create a plan that gets you out of debt in four simple steps.

4 in 10 Americans are unable to cover a $400 emergency with cash. On average, households spend $460/mo on credit card and student debt. You might be in one or both of these buckets. If you're ready to eliminate monthly payments (including interest) so you can redirect your money, this 4-step course will help you get there.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Your Net Worth

  • 2

    D.E.B.T. Free

    • D.E.B.T. Free in 4-Steps

    • Week 1: D - Define the Problem

    • Establish a Plan - Free Download

    • Week 2: E - Establish a Plan

    • Week 3: B - Build a Budget

    • Week 4: T - Trust the Process

    • D.E.B.T Free Calls to Action Checklist

  • 3

    Increase Your Net Worth

    • How to Increase Your Net Worth

  • 4


    • Investing Made Easy ft. Tela Holcomb

    • Teacher Turned Self-Taught Investor Makes $1,000/day

    • A 15-Min Money Plan (Yours Free)

    • Our Fav Personal Finance Tools

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